“The Ultimate Music Game Experience!”

  • MUSIC IS YOUR TIME MACHINE. SONGFEST! takes players on a journey of 4 fun challenge categories through 5 decades of music
  • RAMP UP THE PARTY / GAME NIGHT with this engaging music experience game creating moments that will have players sharing stories about songs and artists that have shaped their memories
  • SONG QR CODES via Spotify provide hints to challenge questions while instantly igniting memories through music
  • EASY TO LEARN and a blast to play for 2-12 players. SONGFEST! provides 700 challenge questions plus a decades die and categories die for a unique experience with family and friends
  • CUSTOMIZE the game play by selecting only certain decades
Song Fest full game

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We initially started playing competitively but after one round around the table everyone was engaged in singing, opinions, stories about the songs and artists throughout the categories – we kept playing but it didn’t matter who got the most right. Also, having the QR codes as hints or ability to immediately play the songs was so great.

– Frank M.

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Finish the Lyric:

  • Place your phone camera on the QR code and play the first 10 seconds of the song to provide a hint
  • Bonus points if you also know the artist
  • All answers to the main and bonus questions are on the back of each card for all categories

Songs They Sang:

  • If you know who sang the main song on the card, receive bonus points if you can name the artists for the other two songs
  • On the answer side there is a song QR code which will play the correct song for you to enjoy

The game is very well designed and is perfect for family’s and groups of friends, not only to test their music memory and knowledge, but also to enjoy listening to some of their favorite tunes and discovering some new music too!

– Rob K.

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Name That Song:

  • Place your phone camera on the QR code and play the first 10 seconds of the song to provide a hint
  • Note that when the song comes up you can tap on the song and it will show you how many seconds have elapsed so you know when to stop the song

Fan Club:

  • Answer the trivia-oriented question
  • On the answer side of the card there is a song QR code you can play related to the question to enjoy and bring back memories

I was excited to find this unique game. We had friends over and decided to play it using just the 70s and 80s categories which are the decades we grew up in. It was so fun to remember all the great songs from our past and the memories and stories that came with them. This game is great for a fun competition and the bonus is the memories, discussion, and sing-alongs that happen along the way. We played for hours and had a blast.

– Teresa S.

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MixTape example:

  • Also included are MixTape cards that can be “mixed” in with each of the category cards to create other types of competitive challenges as you play
  • Your decision on whether to incorporate the MixTape cards into the game

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