Game Suggestion – if using one player’s phone to pull up songs via the QR codes we would recommend connecting to a Bluetooth speaker to get the best sound for everyone. However, if the group wants to use multiple phones to pull up songs as they go around the table that will also work great. Have fun!

What if someone does not have Spotify?

There are two versions of Spotify – one is free (just download the app) and the other is a Premium version which has a monthly fee attached. The free version will work great for SongFest.

Is there a simple way to know when 10 seconds has elapsed for the song hint?

Yes – once the song starts playing via the QR code just tap on the song and it will show you the time (in seconds) that the song is playing.

Does someone have to pull up the song hint if they already know the answer?

No – if someone knows the answer they can skip the song hint if they wish.

Why are their song QR codes on the 2 categories (Fan Club and Songs They Sang) if not used for hints?

Just to have fun remembering the song if someone wants to hear it after the player answers the challenge question!

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