Music Party Ideas

SongFest! will be the core element of your music party. But to amp up the anticipation and overall event here are some ideas to incorporate that have created great engagement by the group:

In Advance of the Party:

  • First – through your invitation make the theme of the party clear
  • Make a request of the people you are inviting – have them provide that to you by a certain date (can pick any combination below or you may have additional ones):
    • One of your favorite artists / bands – your go to artist that you never get tired of playing
    • Song that you really like (love) but will never admit it publicly
    • Favorite dance tune – when it comes on, you get up
    • One of your favorite songs – one you know all the words (can also be more specific by indicating a decade they need to choose from)
    • Song with memorable or impactful lyric
    • Recent song (in past year) you think is awesome – one of your new favorites
    • Best concert attended – who, where, year

    Take all these songs and develop a playlist on your phone per your preferred streaming service.

Food / Drinks / Décor:

  • Can get creative – develop or identify a signature drink to make available. Music themed plates, record bowls. Put up some band posters.

The Party Itself:

  • You can determine (after playing SongFest!) whether to ask individuals to tell everyone about a song from one (or more) of the requests made in advance. Depending on the group they may have no issue doing this or some individuals may not want to share in front of the group – your call based on your audience
  • Have a document that has the information everyone sent in advance – can either just provide to everyone or could throw out category responses (for example, favorite song) and have the group guess who submitted
  • Can also have the playlist playing while the party is happening – people will be hearing the varied submissions by individuals which can peak their interest on the eclectic mix of music

Playing SongFest!

  • Depending on the mood of the party and the individuals (are they very competitive?) you can decide to play for points – whether individually or in teams. Or play the game without keeping score. You will see a level of engagement, singing, debating that typically does not happen at a party
  • And if you do play competitively – have some token 1st place (and perhaps 2nd place) award – could be as simple as a music themed trophy to recognize the most knowledgeable player

Post Party:

  • Follow up thank you and list of music information by individual; recognize SongFest! winner

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