Why did we create Songfest!?

Most of us are passionate about music, we absolutely are which is why we came up with SongFest! – not only appreciating songs that take you back to remarkable moments in time but also discovering new music that make an impression on you. Going back a number of years we had music themed parties with our friends – which also included various music challenges that tested your knowledge (and memory).

Looking back, those continue to be the most memorable and engaging get togethers with friends which just made you feel good – and would talk about long after that night. Fast forward a number of years and the desire for us to have a music themed party is still a great passion and also the driving force for the development of a new, absolutely engaging music experience game.

So as we were in the process of planning another music themed party, we looked at the market to see what was available that would be a core component for that event. But, we were not satisfied that any of the existing music oriented games would create the type of experience we envisioned. Thus SongFest! was created as the solution.

While the game can be played competitively or just for fun as part of an overall great experience, we have included on our website a number of ideas to create a music themed party that incorporates SongFest!. It is our hope (and strong belief) that this turns into an unforgettable time and one of the best parties / game nights you, your friends, your family, will ever experience.

So if you are looking for a way to bring high interest and anticipation to any get together you are planning then you should consider SongFest! along with the list of ideas on pulling together an unforgettable time.

So What makes SongFest! different and creates the engaging experience?

First, it has multiple categories (4) vs only trivia type questions – there are 700 challenges / questions so it can be played many times without running out of content. Second, it incorporates music from the 1970’s through the 2010’s which provides a wide spectrum for players to engage. Third, there are QR codes on the challenge cards that will instantly play the first part of a song as hints for certain categories but are also included for all the challenge questions.

While the game was designed with specific instructions on how to play, it is also flexible enough to enjoy in different ways whether playing competitively, for fun, with friends, with family or any combination to ensure it is an unforgettable experience.

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