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We initially started playing competitively but after one round around the table everyone was engaged in singing, opinions, stories about the songs and artists throughout the categories – we kept playing but it didn’t matter who got the most right. Also, having the QR codes as hints or ability to immediately play the songs was so great.

– Frank M.

I was excited to find this unique game. We had friends over and decided to play it using just the 70s and 80s categories which are the decades we grew up in. It was so fun to remember all the great songs from our past and the memories and stories that came with them. This game is great for a fun competition and the bonus is the memories, discussion, and sing-alongs that happen along the way. We played for hours and had a blast.

– Theresa S..

This game is not only a blast to play, it is a great way for spending time with and getting to better know your friends and family. The questions inevitably lead people to talk about why they do or don’t like a particular song or band, when they saw the group live, or the specific memory attached to a song. We played with some neighbors we know well and a couple that we were entertaining for the first time. By the end of the evening, we’d shared laughs and stories. I’m not sure who won, and it doesn’t matter.

– Chuck R.

Great game for music enthusiasts. It’s like your favorite pub music trivia game at home. It crosses multiple decades and genres — the challenge helps to make it so much fun. Highly recommend!

We truly enjoyed the game! So much fun!
We played it repeatedly throughout our vacation. We enjoyed listening and singing to the songs together. It was nostalgic and fun reminiscing and sharing old memories. It was a “feel good” experience. Great time had by all.

– Nancy S.

The game is very well designed and is perfect for family’s and groups of friends, not only to test their music memory and knowledge, but also to enjoy listening to some of their favorite tunes and discovering some new music too!

– Rob K.

When we started playing it was a blast and by the end it just turned into an entire karaoke session singing songs we hadn’t sung in years! Couldn’t recommend highly enough

– Rob H.

Always looking for together experiences to enjoy as a family with our now adult children and their kids. This is such a blast from the past of fun but popular enough songs that everyone knows! Everyone can join in! It gets the party going, people on their feet dancing, singing and just all around happiness! Just in time for the holidays!

– Chateaux GE

This game absolutely rocks! If you have friends that love music, this is a must have. We’ve been playing it non stop since we got it and it’s going to be great for the holidays too. This will be our New Year’s Eve go-to.

– Tom H.

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